New activity - The Hub Folk Club

The Folk Club will meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month beginning in April 2023 for a bit of social time then music will start at 4:30pm and go until 6pm with no break. It will be BYO food and drink.

All performances will be acoustic only, and we will not be using the stage. There will be 8 time slots of roughly 15 minutes each, but this will be flexible depending on the number of performers on any given night. 

On arrival (between 5.30 and 6pm) performers will talk with the coordinator who will allocate them a time slot. If two people wish to perform as a duo, they will still only get the one time slot. If someone is happy to back someone else but without singing themselves, that will not compromise their own time slot.

What is Folk Music??? Anything that is sung with an acoustic accompaniment, or instrumental-only pieces, or a cappella, will be fine. The word ‘Folk’ means people, so songs that tell stories (including traditional songs) will be good, but anything acoustic will be fine too. 

Interested in coming along as a performer? Just contact Martine on or simply come along. Interested in coming along to listen and enjoy the music? Just turn up 😊

Please note that the normal rules of courtesy will apply i.e. no talking during performances, applauding each performer and refraining from giving feedback unless it is expressly asked for, and then it should only be constructive. 

The general idea is to have fun,
enjoy playing and/or listening to music
and socialising with friends!!!