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CDs for Pressies Artist Producer Contact
Hidden Here Lauren Lucille self www.laurenlucillemusic.com
A New Way Of Talking Peter Harvey self Facebook: peter-harvey
Sins of a Li'l Later Kiss Cole & Van Dijk self Facebook: coleandvandijk
Procession Sebastian Flynn & Martin Reese self
The Wish List Nicole Murray & Emma Nixon self www.thewishlist.net.au
Wiley ways Hat Fitz and Cara self www.hatfitzcara.net
Best-Ever Kids' Songs Mike Jackson self mikejackson.com.au/bestever.php
Macca’s Top 100 ABC’s Australia all Over ABC ABC Shops
The Great Wallis and Matilda Collection (2nd Vol.) Wallis and Matilda self www.wallisandmatilda.com.au
Breaking Hart Benton Breaking Hart Benton self www.facebook.com/BreakingHartBenton
Burton Sunde & Fix Burton Sunde & Fix self www.burtonsundefix.com
The Whiskey Archive The Whiskey Archive self www.thewhiskeyarchive.com
The Company The Company self www.facebook.com/thecompanybluegrass -
Sásta Sásta self www.sastaband.com
Happy Road Cider House self Rachel: 0409-096-658 or Steve: 0400-319-786
Joys that never weary Rebecca wright & Donald McKay self
Back In The Woods The Poachers self - www.thepoachers.com.au
Let It Rain The Rusty Datsuns self www.myspace.com/rustydatsuns www.facebook.com/rustydatsuns
Rumours of Summer Christina Mimmocchi self www.christina8arms.com
Rhythm of a Dream Paul Cannon self
Big Water
Birchgrove Quay
Penny Davies & Roger Ilott self www.restlessmusic.com.au
Pages of the Past
Like Jacaranda
Alan Mackey self 0422467108,
Mama Juju Mama Juju & Sugar-cane Slim self www.mamajuju.com.au
As Night Falls Sarah Calderwood (Facebook) ABC www.abcclassics.com
Spring Hill Chloe & Silas self www.chloehall.com.au
Journeys Out of Abingdon self www.outofabingdon.com.au
Munchin’ Mountaingrass Music Hillbillygoats self www.hillbillygoats.com.au
Wallis & Matilda Collection Wallis and Matilda self www.wallisandmatilda.com.au
Fallen Angel Amanda Gilmour self & Maggie Adeney-West     0422-542-608
Madeline Jane
Laughter in the Clay
Mark Davidson self www.markdavidson.com.au
The Rhythm Method Andrew Veivers self www.redchair.com.au
Sideshow Alley
House of Cards
Notches on the Wall
Mark Cryle self www.markcryle.com
Oh Katrina
Russian Doll
Pear & the Awkward Orchestra self www.myspace.com/pearau
Temple Dog
Steve Tyson self www.stevetyson.com.au
Journey Over Skin
Parliament of the Birds
Mzaza self ,   www.myspace.com/mzaza www.mzaza.com
Celtic Road
Súnas self www.sunasband.com
Soldiers and Slaves
Chad Swaby self www.myspace.com/chadswaby
Something Quick and Neat
Innes Campbell & Present Company self www.myspace.com/innesandpresentcompany
Women Do
Anne Infante self
Bottom of the River Cotterell & Clark self 0423-414-964
Recycled Soul The April Maze self www.aprilmaze.com
Dreaming and Dancing Tom Bolton self www.sensibletom.com
Don't Stir the Water Welspent self ,   or   
Hey Sister Mary The Stetson Family self www.myspace.com/thestetsonfamily
Festival Folk Sing - Joni Mitchell many Marina Hurley www.tradandnow.com
Homespun Nadia Sunde self nadiasundemusic.wordpress.com www.facebook.com/nadia.sunde
The Songs of Don Henderson including Declan Affley, Alex Hood, Danny Spooner, Dave De Hugard, Mark Gregory, Helen Rowe, Ann Bermingham, Griff Bignell, Geoff Wills, Tommy Leonard, and Sally Henderson self, supported by QFF www.donhenderson.com.au
The Circus of Desires
Clouds On The Road
Dance Up the Sun
Cloudstreet self www.cloudstreet.org
With a Little help from My Friends
Mary Brettell self www.brettell.com.au
Kindred Swoon   www.swoonmusic.net
Wee Nippy Sweetie Celtic Twa, David McConnell & Mark Davidson self www.markdavidson.com.au
Live at the Irish Club Murphy's Pigs self
The Call of the Cappuccino Dermot Dorgan self or call 0733560686 or 0410338357
Ripples Poms From Oz self members.westnet.com.au/alroy47
Where the Mulga Meets the Scrub The Slimy Brothers - Mick & Ross self 02-66880178
Súnas Súnas self www.sunasband.com
Broken Hearts Ride Free
Cutlass Wedding
Pirate Brides self www.piratebrides.com
Notes From Squire Street Robin Etter-Cleave self www.altoflute.com.au
Way Above here Lance Galloway self myspace.com/lancegalloway
Paris Dreaming
Ewan Mackenzie & Kay Sullivan self 0419680356
Blokes Sound Off Bloke'apella (Simon 0408762473) self
a Moving Hand Lonnie Martin self 0423977802 or
Live @ Byron Vista Social Club The Slimey Brothers - Mick & Ross self 02-66880178
Harry 's Legacy Evan Mathieson self 0408984766
All I See Rebecca Wright self www.rebeccawright.com.au
A Taste Of Good Music Paul Lawler and the Just Desserts self www.peculiarhand.com
Light'n'The Tunnel Andrea Baldwin self 07-38575150
Seasons Anne Infante self www.anneinfante.com
The Selkies Andrea Baldwin & Karina Berry self
The Slow Return Helen Rowe & friends self 07-33581940
Blind Contour Jamie Clark self
Songs without Words Mark Shortis self 07-32172328
Red Wine & Postcards Women in Docs D.Middleton www.womenindocs.com
White Street Chloe Hall Shock Records www.chloehall.com.au
Making Waves The Selkies (Andrea and Karina) self
Loungeroom Legends The Goodwills self www.thegoodwills.com
Classic Bush Poetry Presented by Warren Fahey ABC Audio www.abcaudio.com.au
Best View Of Australia John Colville self www.johncolville.com
The Dirt Music Club Past and Present The Dirt Music Club self Mark 07-46969481
Fire In the Belly (hip hop) Rainman    (Raymond Bourne) Sammsonite Website  

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