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Angela Preiss & Don Grieve

Angela Preiss Don Grieve

   "Flint" combines the talents of Angela Preiss and Don Grieve. Angela comes from a classical background having studied a Bachelor of Music degree at The Adelaide University. She has performed with numerous groups from orchestras and ensembles to rock bands and has toured with some in Europe. She plays flute, saxophone and bass and as part of "Flint" she has added the bodhran, and whistle. Both Angela and Don are songwriters, they perform a lot of their own material, along with traditional Celtic music and songs.

   On the other hand Don Grieve comes from a more Folk traditional background, as a child he was exposed to the oral tradition by his grandparents and father's family, who were not adverse to gathering to sing the old border ballads and other Scottish songs. Following in his family's footsteps. Don went on to perform border ballads at festivals around the border areas of Scotland. At eighteen he learned the guitar and within six months had formed his own duo. After, he did a stint in Europe performing in Holland, France and Germany among other European countries. Finally he settled in Germany for a few years, performing and lecturing at universities on Celtic Folklore and Songs. Don's first real taste of Irish music was when he toured Europe with Dublin-based band "Brazen Heads" during this time he learned to play traditional flute, whistle, mandolin, bodhran and spoons.

   For or the last ten years Don has been based in Australia, spending most of his time in Adelaide performing with "Shamrock and Thistle" during this time he met Angela. They formed "Flint" some two and an half years ago and decided to tour around Europe, Scotland and Ireland performing at pubs and gatherings. Flint arrived back in Adelaide last October and made a move on to Brisbane last December so Angela could study at the Queensland Uni. Both Angela and Don have a few albums to their name and hope to have a new album out by the end of the year.

"Flint" has a wide taste in music and their repertoire includes originals, traditional Celtic, Jazz and easy-listening items. They are versatile and both members are multi-instrumentalists. They don't stay in one place very long as they love to travel.

Recently, Flint has appeared on the ABC and Channel Nine performing music they have composed around poems of  James Joyce, one of Ireland's most famous sons.