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Dear friends,
It’s with much sadness to say, that John Holmberg succumbed to his 5-year diagnosis of multiple myeloma. He died painlessly and peacefully at Sunshine Coast University Hospital, surrounded by love from family & friends.
John didn’t want a funeral as such, but there will be an informal ceremony in his memory, 2nd week of December. PM me or email me (rosebroe@gmail.com) if you want more details for this. John wished for his ashes to be scattered in the sea at his beloved Coolum Beach. There will no doubt be other informal celebrations, sessions, and gatherings to raise a toast and a tune to John.
If you find yourself wondering What can I do?, a contribution (however small), is always appreciated by those who work in cancer research. Also, give blood if you can, as our loved ones or ourselves, will almost certainly be the recipients of transfusions too. A donation to blood cancer research will be made from John’s estate.

With love - Rose Broe
Farewell Sailor John.

Our pain of losing you cuts like a randall knife,
Just a few chords on the banjo was the Key To Life
- Click to play

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