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cdcov ~ THE GRACE OF GRAVITY ~ Caroline Hammond

Review by John Fegan, Rough Red

Whenever you attend a performance by Caroline Hammond you leave feeling glad you made the effort. These are songs forged in a glad heart, simple, beautiful observances from a life lived……

These are stories that we’ve all lived, A Certain Age, the inevitability of two hearts finding one another in the oldest game of all despite the banality of the suburban backdrop.

Her Eyes, we all have that thing within us that never grows old, something we can cling to in the face of the inexorable march of time.

As Winter Comes, Outside In, Moving Slow, Where the Time Goes, these songs wend and blend their way through the corridors of our lives. From the beauty and simplicity of enjoying the journey and growing old gracefully, not letting the harshness of the outside world shift the barriers we’ve created within ourselves, the pointlessness of fixing something if it ain’t broke and our never flagging ability to solve the problems of the world and make the minutes matter with a glass of wine and a kindred spirit.

Somebody’s Darling, the cold chiselled finality of a name infused with lichen, a story, one among many in a field of weathered head stones, gone but never forgotten.

I loved the sentiments in Hallelujah Rain, The Grace of Gravity and Late July (Iluka Sunset) these are songs of the joy of simply living, of the magic of falling rain (Send her down Huey!) and the serenity that enfolds us when we’re in our happy place taking long walks along a deserted beach at sunset. There is not a song on this album that doesn’t invoke a warm glow and a sense of deja’ vu.

At the risk of being a little parochial this is Australia, this is maggies in an early morning garden, the thunderous joy of Kookaburras on the back fence on a sweltering summer’s day. Beautiful voice, beautifully crafted songs, brilliant musicianship, this is a cracker. I’m glad I took the time to listen.

John Fegan - "Rough Red"


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